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Face to face with div com: part ii / Tourism is the backbone of our economy, there is a need to strengthen it: Dr Mandeep K Bhandari

Jammu is already incredible as it is full with many resources; it is our duty to maintain its glory by preserving its resources.
This was stated by Divisional Commissioner, Jammu Dr Mandeep K Bhandari, while talking with the young Bites.
Here are the excerpts.
Vijay Gupta
Jammu, June 25
VG: Like Incredible India, what are the efforts by the government to make Jammu an Incredible?
Div Com: India is really incredible but it is also true that our Jammu is also incredible and availability of natural resources in ample makes it also an incredible. But it is also our duty to maintain its incredibility by preserving its natural resources.
Meanwhile, whereas the efforts from the government are concerned we are doing our best to make it incredible, so that people from other states could visit here to see its increadibility.
VG: What is the plan with the government to preserve the glory of Jammu?
Div Com: The administration is very concerned about to preserve the glory of Jammu, in this regard, we have going to develop main tourist spots in Jammu. We know that the tourism is the backbone of our state and we have finalized a plan to beautify the tourist spots.
There is a need to develop these tourist spots and our main thrust is to develop them first. So that more and more people, who used to visit here to perform their pilgrimage to the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi and Shri Amarnath Ji, could devote some time after visiting to these tourist spots.
VG: Despite your efforts to beautify Jammu, main rotaries remain neglected, why?
Div Com: beautification is an ongoing process and it is entirely the duty of Jammu Municipal Corporation, to maintain the rotaries around Jammu and they are doing their best, and this may be possible that some rotaries has been remained neglected, but I am sure that those rotaries will be beautified by the JMC.
From the past some years, the JMC has done well for beautifying the Jammu city and other parts. I further want to assure the people that with in some months time period we will look a mass change in the beautification of our Jammu.
VG: What is your message for the tourist and devotees, desirous to visit here?
Div Com: For the tourists as well as the devotees who want to visit here to perform the pilgrimage of Shri Amarnath Ji, I want to assure them that the local administration is fully capable to ensure their journey in a peaceful atmosphere, while for the people of Jammu I want to seek their full cooperation to make Jammu an independent tourist destination.
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