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Young Bites. Dated: 7/17/2017 10:44:04 AM

Forgetting Hindi would be a great loss to the nation. Given the status of India as the second most populous country, the idea is that if a language has to represent the country in the comity of nations, it has to be the one most widely spoken. This automatically qualifies Hindi as the appropriate candidate. Teaching Hindi in all schools, fluency in the national language will help integrate students from across the country and it could become the lingua franca once India becomes “producer of knowledge”. We should create knowledge which will be used by other people. Now we are a recipient of knowledge and in the future we should produce the knowledge. Hindi should be taught along with the regional language. Some students are exceptionally good in their mother tongues. They should learn other languages too. There was a need to bring a level of quality in education that will generate the knowledge needed for the future. We should ensure greater emphasis on Hindi. All children are not fluent in Hindi as they are in their mother tongues. Hindi is necessary for students to integrate with the rest of the country. The same students integrate with the rest of world through English. It was time for the country to start thinking about the children instead of imposing a system on them. As per the Constitution, India is a multi-lingual nation. It has 22 languages. But people in India give their first preference to English language. It is used as a medium of communication in most of the schools and offices.There has been a massive uproar by the Modi government asking the ministers and officials to use the Hindi language everywhere. Mr. Modi gave his speech in Hindi at the Bhutanese parliament during his first official overseas trip. The Indian Constitution states that Hindi should be the official language of India. It should be in Devanagari script. Still, many regions are not ready to accept this fact. Even before independence, Hindi was considered to be the official language. Today, English is a global language but it does not mean that we should adopt it. We should try to promote our own identity. Around 75% of the country resides in villages where people are aware of Hindi mostly. It would be tough for these people to accept English as their official language. The debate regarding the status of the official language of India is an ongoing process. One group of people demand Hindi to be recognized as the official language and another demand English. The Modi government is giving stress in promoting the Hindi language across the country. Even though this is being criticized by certain political parties in Tamil Nadu, the effort has gained a bit of success.


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