The hiss of a banded Krait!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 7/17/2017 10:40:58 AM

Though docile but the bite is deadly!

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, July 16
By now the eardrums of a section of Kashmiris may have got busted apart with the sounds of blasts and the rattle of the bullets. The nostrils may have got ruptured with smoke of the powder which makes those blasts that happen.
The eyes must be full of tears (though most of them crocodile tears) which do come to eyes if plumes of smoke garner the atmosphere or they come automatically come when someone dies. The land of Tulips, Chinars, Gardens and wonderful people is losing its essence. The apples and cherries are not that sweet anymore. The walnuts and almonds at times taste bitter. Well there has to be a reason behind it and the reason the Kashmiris know it better and no one has to remind them. They have seen something’s happen which no one has seen. Again they have not to be reminded. They have done what no one expected from a section of Kashmiris. I do not have to remind them again. They played with fire and landed up with burns all over. Again no need of reminding them! Glory is not in dying but in living life in a grand way again they also are literary giants so no need of reminding them. A majority of Kashmiris are doing well all over the world and few are wasting their time. India has one thing which is the greatest attribute India has. The word is ‘patience’. A double ‘golf balls’ to China. We know how to take care of the Dragon (again a mythical character). Pakistan is lost in seas and grass lands like a lost ‘Black banded Krait’ Indian army has seen many of them. We also know how the hiss. The snake is docile but when it bites it is poisonous. A snake can be no ones enemy or friend. After all a reptile but the fact is we are human beings. Kashmiris (a section again have to live). ‘A few guns cannot kill everyone’, ‘a few scared men under opium effect cannot damage anything’. ‘If it is a two way ticket then face the wrath also’. After all Kraits can be tamed by taking out one teeth and the poison lump (I forgot make a boiled potato in a large table spoon and let it bite’ If it; the poison is of and a Krait is a dead fish.
What I wanted to say is that Kashmir and Kashmiris are very good people. Stop hissing around. ‘Talk to India rather than Pakistan or China’. Yes Pakistanis have great singers and China has great entertainers and India is a huge peninsula’. ‘We don’t ’hiss we make it behave’. If North East could be tamed then Kashmir is not far away. Which continent runs without Indians, Should I speak about Atlantic now! The penguins love everything! Food and money they do not! Trust me!
What I wanted to say was if every one is a friend then being a spoke master is a problem (Cheek in tongue smoke master). ‘Even if bricks are thrown nothing matters, the realization could be that those bricks could have made many friends’. ‘It’s always a poor’s call that God’s answer’. I forgot, ‘ Banded Kraits will always be there, the human beings also will be there but what is nonsensical is the ‘Hiss’. India is prepared for that……!


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