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Young Bites. Dated: 7/15/2017 10:58:00 AM

Domestic violence again women are on the rise in Jammu and Kashmir. Even the educated and the economically independent women are at the receiving end, according to anecdotal evidence contained in police data. Police figures show an increase in domestic violence cases, mostly relating to matrimonial disputes and family squabbles. Harassment for dowry too is one of the most common complaints lodged with the police, data shows. Women’s boldness is most often mistaken for arrogance and this according to many is justifiable in her getting beaten up by their spouses. While some find the courage to speak up or walk out, there are others still bound by family pressures and keep the matter within the four walls of the house. Huge profits are available in the flesh trade, drug peddling, money laundering and arms and human trafficking, thousands are organised in criminal syndicates ready to kill or maim for profit. But the extent to which hardened criminals have found entry in our legislatures, ministries and big business, and accumulated power, prestige and immunity from law is a matter of grave concern. During the first decades after independence, criminals could not even stand for elections. Today, in some States, they have graduated from aiding politicians to controlling them. Honest officers are transferred, promoted and sometimes murdered at their instance; their ‘businesses’ run along corporate lines and entire industries such as real estate, bootlegging and entertainment channels, have been swamped by their henchmen who can run kidnapping and extortion rackets even from jails. At times, enemy states also use them for unleashing terror, riots and disaffection in the country. But this is not the whole story of growing crime in India. The cancer has struck the very core of society. Extortion and molestation are being reported even from places of worship, Vice Chancellors of some universities now engage musclemen to maintain ‘order’ on campuses, prostitution rackets have moved beyond brothels and hotels to housing societies. Most worryingly, we as citizens have watched the rot spread or found amusement in films and entertainment flooded with the underworld’s protégé and lingo. Further, the number of youngsters from affluent families resorting to kidnapping and carjacking just for ‘fun’ and white collar criminals supplying fake medicines, therapies and university degrees without inviting opprobrium from kith and kin indicates pervasive criminalisation in an increasingly desensitised society.


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