Seven friend’s one mission!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 7/15/2017 10:56:45 AM

The mission was of peace and love for each other!

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, July 14
To begin with we all are born free. Then we get into schools and most of us have friends. This is a story (a true one of course and we were seven)-.
By the way seven is a lucky number for most of us. Romela Darbari was a bit serious and she was a Kashmiri Pandit. The next was Daisy Mushtaq, the third was Shaheen Ahmed, the fourth was me and friend of mine Babloo (Kashmiri Pandit) The fifth was Sohail, the sixth was Tariq and the seventh was an apple Gardner’s son Aijaz. We were all in Tyndale Biscoe, Burnhall and Mallinson’s. We all were in same class. It was Ninth. Since we stayed at Darbari’s I and Romela with her three sisters used to walk to the blue bus stand and wait for a mini bus coming from Airport Srinagar (the location has changed very variably now as modernization is trying to attain a limit). The next stop used to Sant Nagar from where the bus used to stop and another three would join in. The next was Barzulla where all seven of us would be together. We used to yap around and smile together. Coming back also from Lal Chowk we ensured that all seven of us would be together.
One Sunday Yhat day Seventh of July we decided to go to Nishaat gardens to enjoy a picnic. In those days picnics were allowed. All seven of us took a Shikara ride to ‘Chaar Chianaar’ (though only three are there today). All of us were carrying Rupees twenty each, I think Sohail had fifty. So in a sense for those days it was plenty. We were dropped at Nishaat. There stood a towering figure. I could recognize he was a Police officer. He grumpily said that today’s party is on me. Sohail smiled and said he was his father Ishtiaq. The friends were fine. We ate each others food but what I loved was the Muslim kitchen. We had spent all the money and then came in Moti Lal Darbari in his car. A handsome man in long jacket (it was camel shade if I remember it properly) and black trousers. Kids its time to get home but I have a surprise for you/ Here came in the Gardner of apples. Aijaz rushed to him. To each one of us he presented a huge box of apples. ‘I love you all when you are together’. ‘Live long as you can but study hard and I want you to be together always’. This hit me hard since I knew I would be going aay since my father had been posted to Shillong.
We came to our homes and that was the first time I realized that meeting friend is good but the separation can be painful. It indeed was but before I was to leave Srinagar, Tariq made it a special evening. At Barzulla he had organized a fabulous dinner. The mothers of seven and fathers were together. The fathers were from different professions but Tariq’s father still had a surprise up his sleeve. He presented to our parents blankets, hand woven.
All seven of us are above the middle age. But we meet and when we meet it is meeting. Aijaz and Tariq are in Kashmir but the rest stay in all corbers of India. Romela has gone a bit fat and has two lovely daughters, Daisy has three, Shaeen has one, Sohail has two sons (both in London), Tariq has a daughter and a son (one is in army and the other is doing engineering). Aijaz loves apples and his children two daughters and a son have rosy apple like cheeks.
They were lovely but some bad eye of Satan made Kashmiris devoid of Brotherhood of man). To add some of them of course. Kashmiris are loveable, so why not we unite and make Kashmir the ‘Pink halt for all the people on the planet’!


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