Vikas Gupta. Dated: 7/14/2017 11:17:32 AM

Continuing our weekly feature, Talk Show we are here today with President Muslim Federation Jammu, Abdul Majid, who while interacting with the Young Bites, scribe Vikas Gupta, informed about their organization in Jammu. VG: In the recent terror attack, 8 pilgrims were killed and many injured what you have to say? AM: It is very unfortunate that in the recent terror attack, 8 pilgrims lost their lives and scores were hurt, we condemn such attacks and wanted to make it clear that militants have no religion. VG: Are separatists fueling terrorism in valley? AM: There is no doubt that the separatists are supporting terrorism in the valley and they are fooling the people there. They are misusing the people by giving frequent bandh calls and disrupting the normal life of the people, which is not good. Our government in order to show their action just orders for their house arrests, they must take a strict action the terror mongers. VG: Pakistan army often attacks on Indians, why you do not raise your voice? AM: This is not true, many times we raised and opposed the ceasefire violations by Pakistan army, in which many innocent people have lost their lives. We also wanted to make it clear to the separatist leaders that violence is not the solution of every problem; they have to talk with the government to find a solution as this is also not good for the people, who wanted to live their life in peaceful atmosphere. VG: Who is funding the separatists, Indian government or Pakistan government? AM: They are being funded by the Pakistan government, however they are being supported by some state or centre agencies, otherwise why the government is spending lavishly for bearing their expenses for providing education to their kids and medical facilities. VG: Some years ago, there was a blast in a masjid, what you think who was behind that blast? AM: The blast in that masjid was hand work of militants, and at that time Muslim Federation with the help of Hindu brothers maintained communal harmony. In 1990, when Kashmiri Pandits migrated to Jammu, at that time we with the help of Gulchain Singh Charak and HS Bali maintained communal harmony. At that time, militants also poured petrol over our chief organizer Hazi Ebrahim in Janipur and tried to disrupt brotherhood in Jammu and blasted inside a Jama Masjid. VG: As being a head of MFJ, what message you want to give to Kashmiri Youth ? AM: There is dire need to solve the Kashmir Issue, as the separatists are fooling the innocent Kashmiri youth in the name of religion as this is not good to misuse the youth for their self interests, so I want to appeal them not to come under the influence of such leaders and work of the nation.


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