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MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 7/14/2017 11:15:24 AM

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH Jammu, July 13 The romantic’s died early for example Keats, Shelly and Byron. The troika was the best of the Renaissance period of English literature goes. Here in Jammu and Kashmir we have had many starting from Iqbal to Mehjoor and many more who came generation after generation. But the fact is Kashmiris are throwing their literature down the Jhelum where once upon a time the famous Kadal’s existed. Its time to purify the waters of Jehlum rather that bloodying it. In romance the word blood does not come in if ever some of the great Kashmris read it. Iqbal walked off just because he was frustrated and Jinnah walked out because he was just frustrated from Pakistan. Temember while boarding the plane from Lahore he looked nack at people smilingly and said to himself. ‘It is the biggest mistake of mine and that to being a lawyer’. Je was right. By the way he also visited Kashmir. Again there is no malice against the Kashmiris but people of Jammu are frustrated. Jammu will and would remain a gateway to Kashmir. Let them come, ‘the Pakistan trained mavericks’. They would be given a boot up their back side (sorry to use this absurd language but those elements fermenting trouble have to be kicked). Why the hell are they staying in India? We are and we would remain a peaceful Nation. I think so Pakistan has nothing except as Sarfraz as their Capain and that too as cricket Captain. We all loved Imran, Inzamam, Wasim, Waqar, Javed (for cricket antics), Zaheer for his wrist work, Asif Iqbal for his running and Saefaraz Nawaz for his swing on flat tracks. Pakistanis loved the likes of Sunny Gavaskar, Gundappa Vishwanath for his square cutting power, Jaisimha and Azhar for his wrist work. Theb why a fight for nothing. If India and Pakistan love cricket a game of bat and ball then why bullets and barrels? Kashmiris are very fond of sports, they love football too. They love Indian television. I had a friend from Pakistan (Maheen Quereshi) from Karachi and she loved the serial of Ekta Kapoor (KUM KUM). I too loved a serial called as (Aina). But when the likings are the same then why disliking. It all shows insanity in some pockets of Kashmir. This insanity is all about the psychology taught by Pakistan and bought over by separatism in Kashmir. Sallahuddin was a puppet and would remain a puppet. No one can change him since he is having a jolly good life in Pakistan. Geelani is a dead and a flogged horse. Pakistan used him and he used Kashmiris. Mirwaiz has to remain a efnce sitter. The man called as Mandela (Shabbir Shah) would have found have found life more comfortable in jail (though he is enjoying the same in his home in Srinagar), One of the Lone brothers is doing well but the other one is a forgotten identity. Azam Inqalabi is a finished quantity and so is the master of the body language (Abdul Gani Bhatt), There are many more and these people have to shut their mouths off. Let the Kashmiris live and enjoy. ‘Things are bad in Kashmir should not be the slogan’. ‘Things are good in Kashmir should be the one’. The Kashmiris have to understand that!


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