Economic dependence a predominant cause of gender subordination

Zafar Bhat. Dated: 7/13/2017 11:43:02 AM

Zafar Bhat
Jammu, July 12
Categorically law should be used as an instrument of distributive justice to achieve a fair division of wealth among the members of society based upon principle, as social justice means the attainment of social objective.
However, the jurisprudence of industrialization has demonstrated the vital role of labour laws as an instrument of social justice.
Amongst laws which are vital to a nation’s life, which manifest a nation’s spirit, which bestow revolutionary and progressive values to jurisprudence and lift it from conservative to progressive strata, industrial law has acquired a place of pride.
It can be asserted that it embraces not only labour and industrial matters but also social matters affecting children, women and other oppressed sections of society.
Various studies have shown that economic dependence of women is a predominant cause of their subordinate.
Thus, a change in the structure of the economy whereby women are assigned a major productive role would be a way to improve their status. Economic independence is the foundation on which any structure of equality for women can be built.
In democratic system, the law, through legislative or administrative responses to new social conditions and ideas as well as through judicial interpretation, increasingly not only articulates but also sets the course for major social changes. The same role law has played in our country also- it has been an important instrument in bringing about social change and equality.
Pertinently, the peculiar problem faced by women in the sphere of employment is inequality in wages and discrimination resulting from their biological role of childbearing. This problem was demarcated by the legislature and let to the enactment of Acts like the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 and the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. The mandate in the Preamble of the Constitution also directed the State to incorporate protective, beneficial and health provisions in various enactments.


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