The composite culture lost in wilderness! We love peace and Kashmiris living in Jammu are doing so!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 7/13/2017 11:41:49 AM

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, July 12
My grandma used to tell me a story. A story from streets of Peshawar. The village had a beautiful Banyan tree. It still exists if Farzana is correct since she is from Peshawar.
The practice was for the villagers to come to eat and have lunch together. One day a Fakir came in and the lunch was over. Now what was the question in the minds of the people who had finished the lunch. ‘Never mind the Fakir said, tomorrow will be another day’. The Fakir was about to go and they said was, ‘wait we have food’. The Fakir smiled and told them he would wait. Both Aaliya and Nirmala ran (in younger times you can). One got pulses and curd and the other got meat and curd! The Fakir chose pulses and curd he ate from both. Aaliya was first to speak, ‘why you did not eat my meat’. The Fakir said I had your curd full of sugar and very tasty’. I had pulses made by Nirmala since they were delicious. I did not have the curd. The reason was she had not put salt in it. I know that both for a lunch for children. The school kids who go to school and come back in afternoons to trouble you both for food. That was the last time the two ladies met.
Both shifted to a village in Kulgam and that to in a village called as Nehama. One day Aaliya saw a lady under a walnut tree eating alone. The curd and pulses were there. She could see Nirmala eating. The Latter saw it and immediately recognized as to who could she be. Aaliya replied that it is Tuesday and I also prepared the meal out of the same pulses as you fed me that day. And it was a Tuesday!
Now again under the walnut tree the two brothers in arms have their lunch. It is along a stream. They laugh, they cry and they pray. This is what I call as culture. We have still bot our wat since it takes miles to lose one. We are one and one will remain one!
We Muslims and Hindus have the same blood but the fact remains that when we have a composite culture then why lose a way just for nothing! By the way as a reminder Amarnath was discovered by Muslims and then it began to be pilgrimage and after that commercial! Aaaliya’s daughter Areefa happens to be my sister!


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