Bloodbath continues in Chenab Valley Batote Kishtwar Highway became death trap of J&K state

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Thousand precious lives killed in road accidents

RAJA SHAFQAT SHEIKH Email In Chenab Valley Batote Kishtwar Highwayistheonlyoneroadconnectivity i.e connecting twin districts including Ramban district with Capital City Jammu , Srinagar and other regions states as well as Country . This road connecvity is so having so thrist of precious lives resulting the happening of traffic accidents in a daily routine . In this Valley traffic accidents are increasing day by day due to negligence and untrained drivers . Beside this the worse condition of “Batote Kishtwar Highway” is the main cause of accidents in chenab valley , that had untimely killed many precious lives resulting someone to became widow , orphan and had broke the stick of old parents . Opinioning the fact , from last several years I Shafqat Sheikh came to see that untimely death of precious lives had broke the ray of hope of his/her old parents and young childrens . Roads in Chenab Valley seem to have turned killers with accidents claiming more lives than the violence in state . Every day fatal accidents take place on Jammu Srinagar, Jammu Poonch , Jammu Kishtwa Highways including Chenab Valley and other periphery roads claiming dozens or more lives . This scene continues to be happen on our roads, with authorities seen doing little or nothing to improve the conditions of roads or penalizing drivers for rash and negligent driving. The figure of road accidents are huge, but ironically the response of state government in checking the naked dance of death on the roads is too little. The representatives of Chenab Valley are watching dance of death on the roads. Despite taking the necessary steps in stopage of traffic accidents traffic police is also playing game with precious lives by collecting corruption ( Hafta ) from transporters and drivers. Eyewitnessing the scene of traffic authorities some corrupt officers in chenab valley had put black spot on traffic police departmentwhoreceives newspapers from drivers as corruption . Meanwhile like corruption in traffic police , condolence messages of politicians , civil societies and NGO’s in chenab valley had became a habit of politicians and others as they are waiting for happening of accident . UnfortunatelytodaysincidentoverBatote Kishtwar Highway shakes me badly as a precious live became prey accident. Soon after the incident of traffic accidents representative , political leaders circulated their condolence messages and expresses sympathy with bereaved families. One thing hurts me so that soon after todays incident , I see the condolences messages circulated by various political leaders on this tragic incident and were demanding exgratia relief and free medical treatment to injured ones . “ Being a citizen of Republic India I asking from representatives of Chenab Valley , Who is responsible for today’s accident “ ? Beside taking necessary steps in maintaining better road connectivity and deployingofnewmodelbuses in chenab valley , whenever accidents happened , politicians calls editors of leading newspapers to publishtheircondolence messages and express sympathy with beveared family andpray restinpeace to departed soul and demanding exgratia relief from Chief Minister / Prime Minister relief funds to deceased family and free medical facilities to injured person . Beside this , My opinion says that all legislatures , politicians are playing dirty game with chenab valley residents . As during election rallies they made big big promises with voters but reality differs to its fiction after election results without fulfilling the demands of poor masses . From last several years thousands of precious lives were killed in road accidents due to slideprone areas , violation of traffic rules, overloading , rash driving , running of ill fated vicheles but unfortunately state government failed in meeting the cause of accidents and taking war footed steps to ensure better road connectivity in whole chenab valley and rest other regions of state . The 110-km Batote-Kishtwar highway is turning into a death trap. For years, people at the helm of affairs have turned a blind eye to this burning issue and practically did nothing to take action against the negligent elements within the administration nor addressed the root cause of these tragedies. The roads in most of the hilly areas of the state have become death traps . Every year thousands of lives are lost in road accidents in Chenab valley. The highest number of road mishaps takes place in Chenab valley region of Jammu comprising three districts of Kishtwar, Doda and Ramban. “While moving on this highway, commuter remain under a constant threat of shouting stones and landslidIt is like a death trap and we often go through it,” The authorities have been seen sitting as mute spectators while number of accidents are happened daily basis. The rise in road traffic without wellsuited increase of road network has also been one of the factors responsible for traffic mishaps. Representatives and authorities need to put their heads together to come out with some corrective measures which can result in saving hundreds of precious lives, lost otherwise in avoidable road accidents. As most of the accidents are blamed for rash and negligent driving. For this government should rise to the occasion, andinitiatesuchmeasureswhich can make a difference on the ground so as precious lives can be saved. It is need of hour that war footed measures shall be taken in maintainance and restoration of Highway so as commuters shall feel safe during their journey .


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