Time demands harmony and social peace

Vijay Gupta. Dated: 7/12/2017 11:57:22 AM

Centre and State Government require immense determination to eliminate terrorism

VIJAY GUPTA Jammu, July 11 The attack on Amarnath pilgrims deserves strongest condemnation from everyone, and I express deep shock and anguish over the killing of innocent Shri Amarnath Yatris in Anantnag. Yatris are admired guest of J&K and perpetrators of crime have tried to inflict a death blow on the ethos and culture of the state. Now, the time has come when Centre and State government come together to fight against terrorism by busting the module involves in terror crimes. The perpetrators of terror crimes should not be allowed to impede harmony and hamper public good as well as disturb social weal and peace. The long prevailing ethos of social harmony cannot be hampered by such cowardly attack and evil design. To keep the weal balanced must be the prime duty of the Centre and State Government. The foremost obligation of the Government should be to permit everyone to go about their daily lives without fear of harm to person or property. And it is in the interest of everyone that these crime against humanity (terrorist attacks) should be effectively investigated and prosecuted. The incident shouldadd to India’s determination to eliminate terrorism. While, a crime against humanity called for decisive action against its perpetrators. The unfortunate attack on the devotees of Lord Shiva is a crime against humanity, and the entire nation is in shock. The militant will have to pay through their nose. Presently, our thought should be with all those who lost their loved ones in the attack, and we should prayer for injures. As, rightly said by Prime Minister that India should not be bogged down by such cowardly attacks and evil designs of hate. Jammu has always remained a hub of social peace and harmony, and people of Jammu should not allow the perpetrators of crime to disturb social weal and peace.


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