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Vikas Sharma. Dated: 7/7/2017 10:52:49 AM

Continue our weekly feature, we are here today with a great saint, Sant Subash Shastri ji, who is running a number of ashrams, and providing better lodging facilities to the pilgrims and needy people free of cost by their organization.
Talking with the Young Bites, he provided details about the facilities being provided at his Sant Assram near Sukrala Mata Temple in Billawar in Kathua district.
Vikas Sharma
VS: Tell us about your ashram near Sukrala Temple?
SS: This ashram named as Sant Ashram was especially made to provide lodging facilities to the large number of devotees visiting here to get the blessing of Shri Sukrala Mata. This was constituted here when there were no other facility for the stay of pilgrims and they have to render here and there for their stay.
VS: What type of facilities you are providing to the pilgrims here?
SS: It is our duty to pro
vide all type of services

to our devotees as well as the pilgrims in this regard; we have ample space for lodg ing the pilgrims, when there is a heavy rush. We have good number of good rooms, in which we provide blankets and other things as per the requirements of the pilgrims. We also serve them food free of cost, so that they can have their good time at the Sant Ashram.
VS: Tell the readers about special attraction in the Ashram?
SS: We have constructed a cave on the pattern of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi ji, since due to non-availability of not enough space, this cave is compact but still this is very best cave and thousands of devotees and pilgrims who used to stay here enjoy the darshan of shri mata Vasihno Devi in the pindies shape and in the addition to this, we have a part for the Bhairo Devta, in this cave.
VS: What is your message for your devotees and the pilgrims?
SS: For the large number of pilgrims as well as the devotees, who used to visit here to get the blessing of Shri Sukrala Mata, I want to say them when they visit for the pilgrimage make a stay here and enjoy the natural beauty at the Sant Ashram, where they can also enjoy the full glimpse of the mountain of Shri Sukrala Mata.


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