Political parties are duty bound to evolve consensus to deal with influential drug mafia: Team Jammu

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 5/25/2017 7:42:27 PM

Appreciating Rajouri Police for its crackdown on drug mafia in the district by arresting as many as 23 drug peddlers and lodged them in the jail, Chairman of the Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal said that such a big arrest in one go is just a tip of ice berg.
A well-knit drug mafia is operating in the State and there is need to formulate a comprehensive policy to dismantle this influential mafia.
Addressing a press conference here today, Zorawar Singh Jamwal along with other members of Team Jammu including Gowher Farooq, Advocate Suhasni Vasistha, Er Chandan Datta and Abhishek Bhat said that drug mafia is a form of Narco-terrorism which is a bigger threat then terrorism. He said that enemy country with the connivance of anti-national forces are helping this mafia to flourish in J&K so as to spoil younger generation as well as nationalist forces.
He asked all political parties of the State to evolve consensus on taking effective steps to eradicate this menace so as to liberate the younger generation from death trap.
“All political parties are duty-bound to evolve a mechanism to deal with menace because State is virtually slipping into the tight grip of drug mafia, parents are helplessly watching their teenage children dying slow deaths due to failure of the authorities to crack down on mafia well connected with politicians and cops,” stated Zorawar Singh Jamwal.
Reminding Team Jammu to all political parties for not fulfilling commitment to hold a debate in last Budget Session, Zorawar Singh Jamwal again appealed to all political parties to bring a resolution in the coming Autumn session of Legislative Assembly to be held at Srinagar in the month of July so that after a debate a consensus could be developed to book drug mafia with sedition charges.
“On one hand terrorism is playing with the lives of the common masses while on the other hand it is drug mafia which is spoiling youth of the State”, Zorawar Singh Jamwal pointed out, adding, “Those who are involved supplying drugs to youth are also anti-national and they should also be booked under sedition charges to give them strict message. Spoiling younger generation of the State is also an act against nation”.
“Our coming generation will not forget if we failed to take step to stop this menace at this point of time”, he said and asserted that Team Jammu has already launched a war against drug addiction and drug mafia to liberate our younger generation from the yoke of this menace.
Team Jammu-an organization of young professionals, social activists, sports persons, doctors, journalists, educationists and intellectuals, has taken the initiative to get the Jammu rid of this menace.


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