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* Make stringent laws to provide seamless health & medical services in the country.
* Put blanket ban on private practice by government doctors
* Make it mandatory for a doctor to serve in rural India for fi ve years as part of their degree accreditation
Taking a call on the most important public issue concerning ailing health service and call for restructuring the medicare architecture and medico legal cover to meaker and rural population, a case advocated by prominent social activist Sukesh c.Khajuria,Prime Minister’s office (PMO) has called for action. The complaint made by Sukesh C.Khajuria, an eminent social activist and ex- member of prominent citizens Advisory Committee constituted by the J&K Govt to Prime Minister Narendra DamodarDas Modi regarding state of health and medical services in the country has been received and acknowledged by the Prime Minister’s office and forwarded to Deputy Secretary of the Union health and family welfare ministry for necessary action. Sukesh.C.Khajuria has been informed that his complaint has been sent to Devesh Deval, Deputy secretary in the concerned health and family welfare ministry for necessary action. Khajuria has made an appeal to PM to look into the important public issue and make stringent laws to provide seamless health & medical services in the country. Saying that emboldened by valued thoughts of PM in periodical “MANN KI BATT” and Hanuman Chalisa’s Choupai, “Durgaam Kaj Jagat Ke Jete Sugam Anugraha Tumhre Tete”, Khajuria pointed out at the recent strike by doctors of Maharashtra and its fallout on the public healthcare system. He said ``fundamentally, doctors have a professional obligation to put the interests of their patients first, they put these last’’. He said that doctors need to follow the professional ethics by serving the people. He further said that because of the acts of a few irresponsible people of attacking doctors, it was not right to deny the poor their right to the medical facilities because one wrong can never be cure for another wrong. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to mention here that during the strike over 135 patients died in five days in three state run hospitals due to non availablility of emergency services in March 2017 and similarly, over 100 patients died in Jammu in Oct. 2009. The medical profession, as we all know, subscribes to the highest ideals of altruism. So in any event, whatever genuine grievance the doctors may have with the Government or with public, the fact remains that for doctors to go on strike in pursuit of their own self-interest just sticks in the craw,’’ Khajuria said. Apart from going into the merits and demerits of the causes leading to the strike, the suffering of the people admitted in the hospitals of Maharashtra state during the strike period went unnoticed. Many of the patients due to want of proper medical care due to strike perished while others mutely suffered till the doctors came back to work that too after the intervention of the courts. ``This forced closure of essential medical services is clearly violation of Article 21 of the Constitution which guarantees right to life leading to several avoidable deaths caused by strikes. Actions like this, which result in unexplained sufferings of the patients, amount to gross violation of human rights and personal liberty guaranteed by the Constitution of India,’’ he added. In an appeal to PM, Khajuria said that such occurrences are repeated in some city or town of the country everyday where doctors, paramedical staff and nurses go on strike on one issue or the other much to the chagrin of the patients most of whom belong to poorer sections of the society, adding the rich people can afford private medical care but it was poorer who are forced to go to government hospitals and dispensaries.0 Khajuria said that doctors have no legal or moral rights to go on ‘strike’ holding The Innocent patients at ransom. More over, ‘doctors strike’ clearly violates the MCI code and ethics and regulations ,2002 and it clearly goes against the fundamental principles of The hippocratic Oath that all doctors must take before starting to cure for the ailing citizens. Saying that being a conscientious citizen of the country, Khajuria urged PM to put blanket ban on private practice by government doctors particularly in the medical colleges where the senior faculty are supposed to provide teaching ,training and guide research to the future generation of doctors. However, in most such institutions, senior faculty members are more interested in making money than their desired duties. He also pointed towards the dismissal state of affairs of health and medical services in rural areas particularly in the hilly states of the country where doctors were not willing to serve in remote, rural and far flung areas. He requested to make it mandatory for a doctor to serve in such rural areas for five years as part of their degree accreditation and at the time of registration of doctors with MCI. Meanwhile, he hoped and urged PM to take steps in these directions which would go a long way in providing better and cheap health services to the people of the country. Meanwhile Khajuria has also communicated the issue to the President of India ,Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Chief Justice of India justice Shri Jagdish Singh khehar ,chairperson National Human Rights Commission justice Sh. H.L Dattu health minister of India Shri Jagat Prakash nadda and President Medical Council of India(MCI), Dr. Jayshreeben Mehta.


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