Thakur Randhir Singh: A Short Profile

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An elder statesman from Jammu and Kashmir, Thakur Randhir Singh has rendered five decades of service in the cause of Nationalism, Secularism and upliftment of the downtrodden. He has dedicated his life to nurture and fight for these values , even as a youth activist , social reformer , International expert , Labour and Kissan leader, Champion of the mass employment cause , Legislator and Minister. FAMILY AND EDUCATION Born in 1936 in a family of Freedom fighters of Kathua District in Jammu, his father was one of the staunchest anti-communal leaders of his times and remembered as the “Savior” of at least 10000 lives during the 1947 communal riots. Thakur wore Punjab university Hockey colors, did his Post Graduation and is married to well known educationist, Prof. Kailash Rajput. His great grand father General Tehl Singh fought many wars with the Britshers under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh attained martyrdom in the famous battle of Budki near Lahore and was awarded 40 villages in Shahpur Pathankot which were later taken over by the Britishers and handed over to the family of Phinu Kotwal who was employee of Britishers and deserted the family of Gen Tehl Singh and joined the Britishers and became Rai Bahadur .The Family of the general Tehl Singh shifted to Ghati where they live in exile for more than 100 years .Thakur Family has got roots from Pal dynasty of Bhadoo which ruled the state for 24 generations. MINISTER AND LEGISLATURE At the age of 26 years, became the youngest MLA in 1962 , Minister for 8 years ( 1967-75) hailed as “Father of Modern Ladakh” as first Minister of Ladakh affairs , his efforts were highly appreciated by Mrs. Indira Gandhi in opening up this secluded region to the National mainstream of life. With accompanying prosperity modernized the entire J&K State’s transportation system which paved the way for National Permit. As Tourism Minister, he took State tourism to its pinnacle. Untangled the taxation apparatus Rehabilitated thousand of refugees during the Indo-Pak conflict. His Ministerial policies were always geared to helping the poor and expanding the employment potential.One of his biggest achievement was electrification of Holy Mata Vaishno Devi route and also provided second exit in 70’s. CO-FOUNDER OF STATE CONGRESS He co-founded the J&K unit of the Indian National Congress in 1964. Campaigned vigorously to organize the party on the grass root level and held party post at the State level. LABOUR AND KISSAN LEADER Founder INTUC unit in J&K. Fought successfully to secure wages under law for the contract Labour. Mobilized rural workers , Kissans in the sensitive areas of the state to fight militancy , help the victims. INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE As a Minister and senior leader, he made over a score of trips to all parts of the world participating in important International Conferences, leading delegations and having dialogue with world leaders. Led labour Delegation to China in 1997. Was a member of Indian delegation in 1971 in the second Congress of Self- Managers presided over by Late Marshal Titoo at Sarajevo in Yugoslavia. PRESENT ROLE Now as State President of NCP , Thakur plays a key role under the leadership of Sh. Sharad Pawar in forging Party’s participation in the ruling UPA , isolating completely the divisive and communal forces in the country. Being the President of Aromatic Plants Growers Association of India registered by Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India, brought the growers under organized sector for various horticulture commodities regularly attending and trying to contribute in the working group meetings on Aromatic and Medicinal plants,Horticulture , Plantation crops and Organic farming for formulation of XI Five Year Plan (2007- 12) as constituted by the PlanningCommission, Government of India. Presently MEMBER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF TEMPERATE HORTICULTURE H),ICAR,SRINAGAR,KASHMIR (J&K) NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE FOR AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS ( NRCMAP), ICAR,ANAND,GUJRAT MEMBER TASK FORCE ON AROMATIC AND MEDICINAL PLANTS FORMED BY MINISTRY OF HEALTH , GOVT. OF INDIA CHAIRMAN, INDEGENOUS HORSE SOCIETY OF INDIA,JAIPUR,RAJASTHAN, Encouraged Mule breeding farm in his own native village along with world famous Zanskar Horse breed and also encouraged marginal farmers in the village to breed mules which has become a big source of income to small farmers as there is big market of mule and Horses in Shri Mata Vaishno Devi . Also arranged loans for tribals in Jammu and Kashmir to buy cows and Buffaloes of good breed. Worked very closely with Dr V G Kurian . POTENTIAL ROLE Thakur blends vast and rare Ministerial and Leadership experience with a proven track-record and a pristine secular, modern outlook to play any significant role in the National and International affairs .


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