Hypertension is a modifiable risk Factor: Dr Sushil

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Recent changes in the delivery of health care across world, in conjunction with new scientific advancements supporting the role of preventive strategies in the maintenance of cardiovascular health, have focussed new attention and efforts on the field of cardiovascular diseases prevention. The field of cardiology is thus making a gradual transition from the technology driven, intervention-orientation perspective of the last several decades to a new, preventive, molecular-based perspective said Dr. Sushil while screening patients on the sidelines of a day long health camp at Govt High school, Palli Village of Samba.

While interacting with the patients Dr Sushil stated that one such area where preventive strategies can make major breakthrough is the regulation of High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure (BP) is a major public health problem in India and its prevalence is rapidly increasing among both urban and rural populations. In fact, hypertension is the most prevalent chronic disease in India and is a modifiable risk factor. The prevalence of hypertension ranges from 20-40% in urban adults and 12-17% among rural adults. The number of people with hypertension is projected to increase from 118 million in 2000 to 214 million in 2025, with nearly equal numbers of men and women, he added.

Reducing blood pressure can decrease cardiovascular risk and this can be achieved by lifestyle measures in mild cases and should be the initial approach to hypertension management in all cases. This includes dietary interventions weight reduction, tobacco cessation, and physical activity. Since hypertension is generally an asymptomatic disease for which patient have no complaints or request for intervention. In addition to addressing other symptomatic complaints, the physician are obliged to approach high BP at every encounter in the light of great benefit associated with its control, he informed.

Residents of the Area Rajesh Sharma, Darshan Kumar , Sunil Sharma, Puneet Sharma and Jagdish Kumar appreciated the efforts of Dr Sushil and his team and thanked for accepting their request and conducting cardiac awareness camp in their locality and care for humanity .

More than 250 patients attended the camp and advised for possible prevention and management of Hypertension. Others who were instrumental in this human endeavour include Dr. Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr. Anitipal singh, Dr. Chakshu Mahajan and volunteers namely Vikas Kumar , Kamal Kishore, kashmiri lal , Raghav Rajput ,Vikas Sabharwal, Ankush Kohli , Suresh Sharma, Rajinder Singh , Gourav Sharma, Varun Gupta , Akshay Kumar , Aman Gupta , Rajkumar , Nitesh and Rajeev Vohra .


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