Colors and their effects

YoungBites. Dated: 4/20/2017 9:11:28 AM

Wednesday arrived yet again: Why not be in Laurel green color!

[ Did you know the human eye is able to differentiate more shades of green than any other colour?
[ The belief behind this is one of evolution and survival when our early ancestors relied on being able to find food, water and life.
[ We are reassured and feel safe when seeing Laurel green.
[ It provides reassurance, restorative and refreshing. In nature the bright light fresh green represents new life and new growth.
[ It is the color that represents universal peace and universal love, that of mother earth and the environment.
[ Laurel Green, like any colour also has negative traits. Too much laurel green or being surrounded by the wrong shade of green can bring up the feelings of boredom, lack of life and stagnation. It can also communicate rot and decay.
[ “Absolute Laurel green is the most restful color, lacking any undertone of joy, grief, or passion.
[ On exhausted men this restfulness has a beneficial effect, but after a time it becomes tedious.” – Wassily Kandinsky, Russian painter and art theorist 1866 – 1944.
[ There are so many shades of green from the bright yellow chartreuse, lime, cool jade green, emerald, forest, bottle, to the olive and khaki greens just to name from a few Laurel green is the best.
[ I have to confess that Laurel green is not a colour I’m naturally drawn to when it comes to interiors, although having done a few green schemes for clients sharing with you Saran a painter from Bilaspur!


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