Face to Face with Ch. Zulfikar: Part 2

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Ration for all is my first priorty : Choudhary Zulfikar Ali

My thrust is for streamlining the functioning of the department besides ensuring effective monitoring of enforcement of various laws to protect consumer rights.
This was stated by Minister for CAPD, Choudhary Zulfikar Ali, during his exclusive interaction with Young Bites.
Here are the excerpts.
Vijay Gupta
Jammu, Dec 25
YB: Why CAPD is one of the most important departments as compared to other departments?
It is the CAPD department, which provides entire ration supplies to every house hold as if this supply is smooth, only then a person can run his house in a proper way.
My thrust is for streamlining the functioning of the department besides ensuring effective monitoring of enforcement of various laws and Acts of the department aimed at protection of consumer rights.
However, due to being directly connected with every person, it is very important that his grievances would be addressed on time.
YB: How do you manage this department?
ZA: Managing this department is really a tough job but I have asked the officers to redouble their efforts for improving the functioning of the department to increase revenue realization.
The possibilities would be explored to make the enforcement mechanism of the department more effective by reviewing the penalization for different violations.
As being a minister of this department it is my first duty to streamline the procedure which is being adopted by every person to get his ration. However, there are lot of public grievances including the shortage of ration, untimely disbursement, poor quality of ration and less quantity of ration supply by the ration dealers. My first priority is to solve all these issues, only after that our mission would be fulfilled.
YB: There are a lot of complaints about the shortage of ration supply. What is your take?
ZA: It is true that there is a huge shortage of ration supply and the reason is that the centre has been providing us the ration supply as per the 2001 census, which is sufficient only for 19.72 lakh families but now when it is 2015 and the population has been reached to 22 lakh families, so to disburse the ration among the entire population is a very difficult task.
VG: CAPD is running a grievance cell, what is the progress?
ZA: Grievance is a very important for every department; the grievance cell of the department is working properly and large number of grievances are received and redressed accordingly.
We have directed the officers for prompt response to the grievances and making the cell more effective and consumer-friendly. Meanwhile, for intensive market checking to prevent unfair trade practices, we have directed the officers to organize camps for creating awareness among masses regarding their rights.
This was all that the Minister for CAPD, Choudhary Zulfikar Ali has to say about himself and his department. Next time we will be here against with another personality, till then good bye.


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