Face to Face with Ch Zulfikar Politics is the best platform to address the grievances of people: Ch Zulfikar

YoungBites. Dated: 12/22/2016 12:29:37 PM

Since childhood, it was my dream to serve the people and to address their grievances, to fulfill my dream I joined the politics.
This was stated by CAPD minister Choudhary Zulfikar Ali, during his exclusive interaction with the Young Bites. He also shared some important aspects about himself and his CAPD department.
Here are the excerpts of his exclusive interaction.
Vijay Gupta
VG: Why you joined the politics?
ZA: My father was a politician and remained MLA, consecutively for six terms. He was very keen to serve the people. Following his footsteps and to complete the development works, which were near the completion, I also joined the politics.
Meanwhile, as being a social activist, I think politics will be the best platform to serve and address the grievances of people.
VG: You represents Darhal constituency, why the constituency still lacks basic facilities?
ZA: Darhal constituency was adjudged as one of the most backward constituencies of this state and consists of difficult terrain, due to which the people are still failed to get proper road connectivity, adequate drinking water facility; even most of the areas of this constituency still lack Power connectivity.
Even, during my last tenure, a lot has been done to bring development in this constituency but much more efforts has been needed to make this constituency as developed as compared to the other constituencies of the state.
VG: You are re-elected from Darhal, what be the main reason behind your win?
ZA: Due to anti-people policies of previous government in state, people were fed up and finally changed the mind and supported PDP led government. However, I think my efforts to bring this constituency on the road map of Darhal would be the main reason behind my win.
VG: As being a Cabinet Minister, what are your future projects for this state as well as for your constituency?
ZA: As being a Cabinet Minister and as well as a MLA, to bring peace in the valley is my main motive. The valley has faced such a long turmoil, which was the longest in the history of our state. We have to fulfill our promises, made to people.
The present government is government with a difference and is committed to develop all three regions without any discrimination. We know well that due to the failures of previous government, no development work has been initiated in our state as the result, our state still lacks behind the other states of this country. To maintain the pace of development, we are fulfilling the aspirations of people of our state.
This was not all that the Cabinet Minister for CAPD, Choudhary Zulfikar Ali has to say about himself and his department. Next time, we will be here again with the same personality and will discuss more, till good bye.


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